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This is good for businesses that would like to rank higher in Google Maps, and are looking for an affordable monthly service. Note that it may take several months to get the desired result.

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Niche Relevant Backlinks

Helps you rank higher in Google Maps

  • 300+ Tier 1 Niche Relevant Blog Posts
  • Each Tier 1 Blog Post Links Out to One of the Three Links: Website, GMB Share Link, and CID Link
  • The Anchor Text will be One of the Keywords Supplied
  • Tier 1 Blog posts are backlinked with 5 SEO DoFollow Backlinks Campaigns and GMB and NAP are embedded on all 4 Tiers.
  • CTR using 4G Mobile Proxies and spoofing the Latitude and Longitude to simulate local searches.
  • Ability to Embed a Youtube Video
  • Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images (Up to 100 image URLs)
  • 13,000+ Blogs Posts All Unique With GMB & NAP Embedded
  • All Blog Post Links Crawled
  • Social Bookmarks on All Tiers
  • Blog Post Links are Provided in a Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated
  • 10 Keywords and CTR with 4G mobile proxies for 30 days for One location.
  • GMB & NAP Embedded on All Four Tiers
  • Keywords should be a mix of Branded, Brand plus Location, Brand plus Keyword, and Keywords for each location.
  • For example; Let’s say the main City is Jacksonville Florida.
  • Keywords:
  • Williams Tree Services
  • Williams Tree Services Jacksonville
  • Williams Tree Services Stump Removal
  • Williams Tree Services Tree Lopping
  • Williams Tree Services Tree Trimming
  • Williams Tree Services Shrub Pruning
  • Tree Services Jacksonville
  • Tree Lopping Jacksonville
  • Stump Removal Jacksonville
  • Tree Services
  • Note: If you want to target more locations then you would order another Gig with 10 Keywords like the above theme for the next location.
  • Turn Around Time: 7 Days or Earlier

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